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What Is Psychedelic Art?

Psychedelic Art refers to all artistic creations emerging from the late 1960s that attempted to portray the inner world of the psyche through incredibly graphic and visual depictions. In doing so, art that appeared to be recreating experiences and hallucinations that were common after ingesting psychedelic drugs such as LSD and psilocybin were known to be “psychedelic”. The term “psychedelic” was conceived by British psychologist Humphry Osmond after his extensive work with psychedelic drugs. Osmond stated that the word was used to imply a type of “mind manifesting” that occurred after the consumption of drugs, with his term going on to represent the emotions felt after viewing psychedelic artworks. Psychedelic is also a concept derived from the Ancient Greek words “psychē”, meaning “soul” and “dēloun” which means “to reveal.”

In addition to the experience of viewing Psychedelic Art, the name of the genre made reference to the drugs that were popular within the youth culture at the time of the movement’s peak. Artworks that emphasized incredibly distorted and almost surreal qualities through the use of excessive color were considered to be psychedelic, as they were thought to depict the inner workings of the mind. Within the Psychedelic Art period, a variety of different creative mediums were taken into account along with artworks. This included rock music, album covers, concert posters, murals, comic books, and liquid light shows to name a few. Despite all belonging to the creative world, these art pieces were connected by their common attempt to create kaleidoscopically swirling patterns of color that evoked LSD-type illusions.


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Ernst Ludwig Kirchner was a leading figure in the Die Brücke collective that thrived in Berlin and Dresden before World War I, and he has grown to be regarded as one of the most accomplished and important components of German Expressionism. Kirchner had conflicting opinions about the old and new, driven by the same worries that seized the group as a whole – misgivings about humanity’s role in the contemporary world, its lost sentiments of sanctity and sincerity.


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