Most frequent questions and answers

We can ship our products to you anywhere. However we cannot and will not guarantee delivery , cause we know the legal status of our products . So if customs checks the package, they might seize the content. We will not refund/resend if you do not receive your order. The risk when ordering (possible illegal) products is yours.
All orders are discreetly packaged and shipped World-Wide.

We ship all our orders in plain packaging. No reference to us, nor to the content.

Regular shipping is the cheaper version, and it means it is shipped with regular mail like a birth day card. There is no way to track these packages and shipping takes up to 2 weeks internationally . If you want to track your order, and a faster delivery chose the shipping option “Express shipping”. You will receive a tracknumber + info from us when the package is shipped.

Please do not email us and ask for shipping prices, these vary per country and per item(s) that you want to order. We do not know all these different prices by heart. Shipping cost also ranges from the quantity to the distance of delivery .
*Regular Shipping ranges from 25-50 USD 
*Express Shipping ranges from 45-100 USD

We’re located in USA.

*Shipping within the US takes 24 – 48 hours max .

*Shipping to EU countries takes somewhere between 3 and 5 working days.
Sometimes packages arrive within 1 to 3 dayss, but sometimes it takes 1 week, Your parcel may be delayed by Customs as well as by your local postal service. That’s why, even though we’d like to, we cannot make any claims about an exact time-frame in which your order will arrive.Please be patient – we can’t work miracles and we can’t influence international postal services.

We ship all our orders with 
*Fed Ex

YES, we do not have this shipping option. So please feel free to use this option for your order .

For real small items like mushrooms and salvia extracts, you can chose the shipment option “stealth shipping”. This means we take out the products out of original (breeder) packaging and ship it (crush proof) stealth mode. This method raises the chance of receiving the goods in good order. We strongly recommend this shipment method for our US customers. We do not charge extra for this service we offer you.

A mushroom grow box should be able to survive a postal trip of 3 to 4 weeks, BUT we cannot and will not guarantee fresh and save delivery. If it is summer in your country and the box has been exposed to heat, the mycelium might get contaminated. Please keep this in mind when ordering these (fresh) products from our shop. 95% of the boxes have survived the trips around the globe 🙂

When the caps of the mushrooms start to open, then it is time to harvest them. You have to pick all the mushrooms (even the small ones). When you have picked them all, you can start the watering procedure again.

When you have picked the fresh mushrooms, you can eat them. But the taste is horrible. Our advise is to let them dry on kitchen paper for 3 to 5 days (not in direct sunlight!). When the mushrooms have dried, you can store the mushrooms in a dry cool place. Do not let them exposed to sunlight! Also the mushrooms can NOT be stored! For the fresh truffles, do NOT store them in your freezer, store them in your refrigerator.