Lava Landscape WIP

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Type :  Painting
Color : Rainbow
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Deep in the reefs lies a force awaiting it’s time to burst forth from its hiding and signal a new dawn. It’s wise to let sleeping dogs lie, but sometimes they rise of their own accord. The future is unknown, but the circle has a plan of its own.
“Its source is bright and endless
She resuscitates the hopeless
Without her, we are lifeless satellites drifting”

This portrays the dualistic nature of the twins of gemini. These forces are totally balanced in harmony, recognizing they are entirely the same and yet completely different

GonZodiac is a series of collaborative painting  seeking to reimagine the Zodiac signs. Whether or not these astrological assignments have any affect on our fates, each zodiac sign was created in light of belief regarding astrology since as far back as 2nd millennium BCE. Astrology seeks to answer the questions about the role the cosmos play in our lives based on celestial cycles as signs of communication with the divine.

There are 12 paintings in the series, 9 of which were painted in collaboration with other artist of varied styles. The astrological horoscopes are expressed through creative, collaborative experience through input from active artists of each sign.


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11 reviews for Lava Landscape WIP

  1. admin

    Best Mimosa from Brazil indeed

  2. Selena Trey

    Parcel well received

  3. Terence Hetch

    Thanks for the free extra grams thrown in my order

  4. Mary Colby

    How does delivery to Sweden work?

  5. Danyelle Gren

    By far my favorite. Smells and tastes great. Gets me baked everytime. Love it!

  6. Jordin Eli

    Can’t wait to place another order on these your penys envy when I’ll be on vacay.

  7. Sorelle Yeutch

    Please notify me when they will be available so that I can buy some. They were out of stock the last time I placed my order

  8. Miguel Gordon

    Thanks to you guys, I could have a trip on Mimosa for my first time

  9. Mart Deacon

    Please how can I pay for an overnight shipping?

  10. Billy Ethan

    Thanks for a safe trip

  11. Trey Sanchez

    Was skeptical about you guys at first sight but was completely amazed after my order came thru

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