Octopus Trismegistus Painting

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Octopus Trismegistus
An underwater excursion into the deep See consciousness with Luke Schroeder and Ashley Spero brought us to a bountiful land of diverse coralien species! Chewing through the tentacle taffy with this triad has been such a deliciously delirious time! Lovely as can be to see the magic that happens when we put our noggins together and start pushing paint!
18”x24” Acrylic on Canvas 2021
Its truly hard to put down in words everything that was channeled into this painting. I began this piece in a fury of anger, sadness, and unsureness as I approached a pivotal crossroad in my life earlier this year. What began as a much needed release of negative emotions turned into a lesson for me. While easier said than done, I knew I had to make the best of this negativity. As I stared into the abstract mess of uncoordinated color and form, I realized this pivotal painting was to become a self portrait, a bare-all, in a way that opened my soul for self discovery and allow me to rise like a phoenix from the ashes. It taught me how valuable it is to put my soul and story into my paintings, for me and for the sake of truth in my artwork. It’s all too common to put on a happy mask on social media, but sometimes we need to let both the yin and yang shine so we know we’re not alone in our struggles. I will let you pull the meaning you seek from the imagery and hope it has lessons for you as well. I hope you can feel my joy, my pain, my struggle, and my rise. Sometimes we have to allow ourselves to feel the flames to grow in the fire.

9 reviews for Octopus Trismegistus Painting

  1. Guno Jay

    Was skeptical about you guys at first but was completely amazed after my order arrived

  2. Johnas Therish

    Parcel well received

  3. Otto Robert

    Thanks for the free extra spore thrown in my package

  4. Boris Ibbem

    How does delivery to British Colombia work?

  5. Shashi Florence

    Can I place an order and pay with Litecoin? I only see BTC

  6. Jim Joe

    Can’t wait to place another order on these golden teachers when I’ll be on vacay.

  7. Shari Nativa

    Please notify me when they will be available so that I can buy some. They were out of stock the last time I placed my order

  8. Jeannie Jessica

    Thanks to you guys, I could have a trip on cubensis for my first time

  9. Diana Clin

    Please how can I pay for an overnight shipping to SC?

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