Psychedelic hippie Psy-trance festival clothing

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Type :  Cloth
Color : Rainbow
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Designed this outfit based on my painting “In Our Midst” and so stoked on how it turned out! We made some epically Groovy bell bottoms with height adjustable legs and hoop grips and a hoodie/jogger combo for some colorful comfort. These have some amazing details to them. More outfit designs loading…

Cosmic Ponchos is the expression of the concept. It is an idea, a belief, a point of view expressed as visual art in a shape of a poncho.

Psychedelic plays with colors. A whole lot of them. One appears out of nowhere, mixes with another, changes, shifts, blows the mind away and disappears. This design speaks awareness in complexity, consciousness over details.

Each poncho is made from heavy weight polar fleece – a special type of synthetic wool. It is lightweight, extremely soft and cozy, has great moisture evaporation qualities and humidity and wind blocking properties. Sturdy enough to have its own character, yet flexible to blend with your moves.

High quality print with eco-friendly inks
Machine washable
Unisex, one size

8 reviews for Psychedelic hippie Psy-trance festival clothing

  1. Bailey Cailey

    The pictures do these lights no justice, they are absolutely gorgeous and hypnotic. I completely fell in love with mine right away.

  2. Lucas Wallace

    Indeed very good quality and service!

  3. Tracey Dorsey

    Arrived promptly and was what I hoped for

  4. Glenn Denzel

    a very beautiful picture of an angel

  5. Sammy Apparelco

    I AM SO IN LOVE WITH THIS!!!! She is so talented and I will be buying more. Like nothing i’ve ever seen before, and amazing quality print!!! I’m covering my whole room with her art when I get the chance. I made a tiktok on my purchase @sammyapparelco 💜 1037383939/10

  6. Izzy Shawn

    This lamp is totally worth its money!!! So stunningly mezmerizing, I love it so much!! And I want to specially thank the team of SolipsLab for such an awesome customer support. If there is a problem, you will be guided to a solution step by step, until there only can remain a smile in your face shining bright as that freakin’ rad lamp you own now!!! The moth in me lives the sweetest hedonism now. 🙂

  7. Sims Trish

    Hypnotic and zen like…ever changing meditation.. trippy af.

  8. Castilo Fintch

    We purchased the piece for our bedroom wall. It’s more than perfect! The metallic lines shimmer at dusk and is quietly hypnotic. Added a new focal point in the room which we love so much!

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