“The Beauty of the Beast”, Psychedelic Painting

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Materials: Surface: Stretched canvas
Height: 84 inches                                                                                                                              Width: 30 inches

84”x30” Acrylic and Enamel on Wood



“The Beauty of the Beast” painted in collaboration with long time painter Bryan Stacy at Resonance 2017 just popped up with uncanny timing. Hard to believe we created this tribute to the beauty within destruction almost 5 years ago as we formulate plans to make it to this year’s Burning Man

had a ton of fun making this! At first, I was just planning on painting a cute little cat within a night sky, but I impulsively decided to go into a whole different direction where I added a bunch of other fantasy-like characters around the cat.

This piece holds a lot of creativity as I held nothing back and added whatever my mind told me to add! I hope you enjoy!

I hope this painting finds an amazing new home and if not I just appreciate everyone who has taken a look at my art, I appreciate you! I am open to doing commissions and painting anything you desire, so if you are interested don’t hesitate to message me!

7 reviews for “The Beauty of the Beast”, Psychedelic Painting

  1. Wesley Xian

    It has an amazing glow under the black light, I love it! Great customer service too!! Thank you!

  2. Ashley Tappin

    Everything with it is amazing except the size. I should’ve checked the size beforehand.

  3. Sharon Tappin

    All I can say is wow. The 13 foot banner sent was mind blowing to say the least. It’s 3 dimensional if looking at it in the correct way and transcends the room from the middle focal point. When looking at that spot, it came out into the room and created the most mind blowing visuals ever in my life. What an amazing piece of art and creativity. I still feel like I have not unlocked more than a tenth of the image and it’s meaning behind it all. Wow oh wow! This has true transcending messages and is 3 dimensional 😍 so beautiful! I am floored on how amazing this banner is. I ended up getting another gift for my friend and kept the banner…it was too amazing to give away. I had to keep it.

  4. Jasmine Tarrant

    Came on time, very beautiful artwork and it came with an extra lovely sticker with the artists name on it.

  5. Jiles Flower

    Beautiful very fast delivery beautiful packaging stunning sticker I absolutely love it very pleased

  6. Marie Ange

    Awesome!! Almost too good to use ahah! Thank you ❤️

  7. Rodney Ward

    Shipping was on time, could’ve been a little faster. Product is great, looks fantastic.

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