Trippy Colorful Psychedelic Paintings

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Type :  Painting
Color : Rainbow
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A Moment of Transparency

This will forever be among my favorite paintings of mine. I look back at this painting from just about two months ago and I see myself as I was. I see how these experiences transformed me. Broke me down, lifted me up. I’ve always found the most comfort and healing in art. It’s a piece that was made for everyone else like myself who has seen those experiences transform them. And above all to learn to let go, hold power and take flight. I hope it can do something for you, make you feel weather it’s pain, power, joy or anger. I really hope you feel it fully. If it was all good, it would all suck, if it all sucked, it would be okay. But we’re blessed with a life of highs and lows which makes the other shine. Each worthless without the other. Meaningless without the context of totality. So feel, and take the steps towards tomorrow’s you

7 reviews for Trippy Colorful Psychedelic Paintings

  1. J Stoner

    Indeed very good quality and service!

  2. Beast Coast

    Wonderful item. Even better than described. Would definitely buy from this seller again! Thank you.

  3. Mitch Sabro

    second order on Etsy really happy and a lot of seriousness…. seller available and quick response. I recommend

  4. Mario Carlos

    Really fast shipping. Packaging was a little bent, thanks to USPS. The print might have been damaged had it not been printed on the flexible cotton paper. Though now that I see it in person, I wish I had chosen a smooth matte paper, and not the cotton textured paper (personal preference). I also think the print would look better smaller! I’m not sure what size the original was, but it definitely looked more “crisp” as a small, digital image on the seller’s Etsy shop (maybe the cotton texture makes the print look more grainy?) But it might not bother everyone (this seems to be the case, all the reviews I read were really positive). If the seller had offered it smaller, I would have chosen that (or as a digital download, so I could print it myself, the size I wanted.)

  5. Delta Riley

    I just love this black and white (‘grayish’) antique print! It’s so cute and will go well with my other whimsical cat pics

  6. Ausar Noby

    Incredible! Great quality. These have been the perfect addition to my space and a wonderful way to fuel my obsession with Louis Wain.

  7. Big Nugs

    Another great print from this shop! Shipped quickly!

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