Trippy Mushroom Painting

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Type :  Painting
Color : Mixed
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Tipper and friends was so deeply inspiring and full of the loveliest folks. This year, I took it upon myself to take on a blank canvas and create something outside of my normal realm of creation. Here’s the progress from 1 day, the messy stage that infuses life and movement in brushstrokes of charged nonattachment getting the general idea onto the canvas. So so excited to share the full painting but I’m waiting till I have a few hours in the studio to really hone it in because the subject of the painting is someone I dearly hope to open a bridge of collaboration with and don’t want her to see it until its completely. Really exciting to put the pedal to the metal and be back out there creating with all my people.

8 reviews for Trippy Mushroom Painting

  1. Amanda Ina

    Had so much fun painting along side you and watching these mushrooms grow ! Hope to do it again sometime!

  2. Marcelene Morin

    so nice to see you this weekend ❤️

  3. Jacob Green

    yes!! just amazing to watch u slap some paint on a blank canvas and get a little dosio necklace from u 🌗

  4. Keven Singh

    Yaaas I’m painting mushroom woman worlds rn too 🍄🍄💙💚💚

  5. Troy Sean

    I can’t wait to see this all finished! It was incredible the last night I was there!!

  6. Reuben Malo

    You captured the essence of what it looks like to look at psilocybin mushies while on psilocybin so well this piece was mad cool to watch over the weekend

  7. Lorie Sandy

    Mushieeee queeeeeeeeeeen🍄

  8. Douglas Adora

    Love this yo! Can’t wait to see it in its full glory❤️🔥

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