Willow’s Wonderland Painting

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Status : Available
Type :  Painting
Color : Rainbow
Rating : 100%
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Willow’s Wonderland

A tale of monstrous mushrooms, absinthe fairies, and a journey down the rabbit hole 🕳

As an artist, the biggest question is sometimes what to paint. In a quest for complete authenticity and soul expression in my art, I feel called to express my ever present queerness and the inspiration I get through the art form of drag. This path feels greater than myself, a journey to provide representation to queer people that feel like there is this great divide between psychedelic culture and LGBT+ community. The conversations while creating this at Tipper and Friends brought me to happy tears several times, bringing the queer community and its allies out from the masses. I hope this painting can continue the dialogue about the vibrant rainbow spectrum we all fall somewhere on.

Thank you Willow Pill for the inspiration and radical expression in your “Holy Couture” runway and throughout this season on Drag Race. I hid a few Easter eggs from other highlight moments this season 🥚

36”x36”x1.5” Acrylic on Canvas


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